Pure English Kindergarten

This site is the Home Page of Pure English Kindergarten International School.


About our school:

From the inception of Pure English Kindergarten in 2003, it has been the intention when the timing is right to offer a primary school program. Building on the social and educational foundations established in the kindergarten years.

 In April of 2014, Pure English will grow to include a primary school, incorporating the same values and creative spirit of our kindergarten.

The primary school will be called ‘Anglice International school,’ ANGLICE means, to be ‘In English’ from Latin.  This is appropriate, as our students will be taught ‘In English.’

Based around the British, International Primary Curriculum in conjunction with covering the learning objectives of the Japanese national ‘Kokugo’ curriculum. Instruction in all subjects, are to meet or exceed British and Japanese educational standards. 
Subjects other than Japanese will be taught in English. (Science, math, society, physical education, English, technology, art etc.)
Mornings will be spent primarily with the International Primary curriculum and
each afternoon will consist of grade level Japanese, elementary school curriculum as well as music, P.E. or art.
By incorporating both curriculums into our daily program, students can gain the best of both worlds and develop as international minded, bilingual citizens.
Our Purpose:
To provide a broad education in English and Japanese. For children from 6 to 12 years of age.
Our Mission:
To foster Internationally minded, bilingual, creative and logically aware young learners.
Our Core School Values:

  • Confidence in our ability.
  • Understanding through trying.
  • Responsibility to ourselves, and others.